Let the cry of the resident Fish Eagles transport you and your delegates to a place of elegant serenity…

Reeds Restaurant

The Reeds Restaurant is a 80 Seater Restaurant. Guests from Kingfisher Lodge have the pleasure of having their breakfasts in this majestic room. Guests are encouraged to invite work colleagues who wish to join them for breakfast.

Conference delegates may use this venue to enjoy a sumptuous lunch buffet. The Reeds is a great venue for large private dinner groups Restaurant Style if no presentation is required. Kingfisher can accommodate most dietary requirements and is able to custom design a menu to your specifications and function needs.

Unique features are:

  • Climate Controlled
  • Granite Bar area
  • Large Granite Buffet Station
  • Dimmer control lights to suit the mood
  • Leading out into the gardens
  • Link to conference centre
  • Separate entrance to lodge
  • Any type of seating setup can be achieved